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My Dedoco Internship Experience - Glen Teo


Name: Glen Teo

Course/University: Law, National University of Singapore

Period of Internship: 10 April 2023 to 12 May 2023

Internship function: All Star Intern

My Dedoco Internship

Coming into this internship, I only had one goal in mind – Learn as much as I can about the entrepreneurial and technological space that is developing our world today. Needless to say, through my weeks interning at Dedoco, I was able to do just that.

Outside of my interest in the study of Law, I’ve always had a profound curiosity about the technology that drives our society. This led me to explore an internship opportunity with Dedoco – a tech-based startup that seeks to reinvent the entrepreneurial use of blockchain technology.

What I liked about my internship experience

As part of my internship, I was allowed to venture into the different departments available at Dedoco from Research and Development to Partnerships. This allowed me to not only explore a broader depth ofskills and knowledge but how they interplayed with one another. For example, grasping the technology behind blockchain gave me insight into potentially explorable use cases, thus honing my ability to research means of improving products and how to cater to different industries.

Challenges faced

As with other knowledge and skill-intensive industries, there was an extremely steep learning curve. Thankfully, there were plenty of resources given which I was able to self-study. This enriched my understandings of both the technology behind Dedoco itself and the aspirations and goals behind the company and its people. Being able to align my values with the company and people helped in my ability to research and brainstorm efficiently. Furthermore, I knew I could always rely on my well-versed colleagues (and now friends) to help teach me whenever I had questions about gaps in my knowledge.

What I learnt

Similar to law, I believe that technology is forward-thinking in nature. It is a reflection of society’s history, an understanding of society’s present, and an anticipation of its future. My experience at Dedoco has not only given me a deeper insight into this but also allowed me to understand the inner workings behind a startup. Not only have I learnt more about the world but also more about myself as a person and how to approach the world with a better intellectual and practical view.

My Advice for internship

1. Always understand the rationale behind the work you need to do

When you build the proper foundation of knowledge and skills, you can always go back to the fundamentals when facing a problem and it helps align your workflow to be more efficient.

2. Be Confident

Confidence can be gained in many ways such as being knowledgeable on a subject matter of discussion. But confidence is a key factor in the acquisition, retention and sharing of knowledge. This will prove extremely useful to you not only in the working setting but in your personal life as well.

3. Be a Proactive Learner

Learning is a lifelong journey and one aspect of it is to always be proactive. You should always seek to not only broaden your depth of knowledge but deepen it as well. There are many ways to go about this from self-research to asking questions. As long as you can do this, you will be a valuable resource to the people around you.

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