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About Us

Embed Trust In Your Processes

Built on the Dedoco Trust Engine, the Dedoco Data Trust Platform is secure, tamper-proof and convenient. We offer verifiable assurances for documents, communications and the many business workflows that power them. All protected through the secure linkage of evidence.  

Our mission is to help you embed trust in your documents and processes, which will enable you to pass this trust assurance over to your brand and people. With Dedoco, you and your customers can be confident that your interactions are secure, reliable, and trustworthy.

We believe in investing in talents. Are you one?

And by talent, we mean a whole lot of great attitude and performance you can bring to the table.

If you are up for challenges and not just a role, we want to hear from you today.

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We believe

Platforms should help you grow, not lock you in

Our flexible infrastructure empowers you to scale on demand, without traditional lock-in contracts.

Your data should stay yours

Hashcheck technology doesn’t store your data when you make agreements or send messages.

Usability beats technology every time

Our platform unlocks advanced Web3 technologies without compromising UX.


Next-gen tools powered by our Trust Engine

Experience true data and digital asset ownership on the decentralized internet of Web3. Move on from broken legacy document management systems with Dedoco Trust Engine built to power your DMS with blockchain security.

More on our Trust Engine


Over 1 million signatures managed daily

Real world blockchain expertise

Our consultants have proven experience finding the use cases to transform your business. Our R&D is led by co-founder, Dr Ernie Teo — renowned blockchain scientist, educator, author and Vice-Chair of the Blockchain Association of Singapore.

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years of combined blockchain technology expertise

Meet Dedoco


Work with the only API-first DMS for fast custom builds, or choose the functionality you need from the ready-to-go tools in the App Suite.


Become a Dedoco Integration or Channel Partner to help more businesses access Web3 document capabilities that go beyond signatures.


Keep up with Dedoco news across press releases and articles. Contact us for comment on our extensive R&D and the impact of blockchain and Web3.